New post on the Microsoft Windows 8 Development Blog – Engineering Windows 8 for mobile networks

Microsoft have updated their Windows 8 Development blog once again.

This time, they are detailing the way they optimize connecting Windows 8 to mobile networks.

They are claiming that Windows 8 will more intelligently manage connectivity to networks for users by being cognizant of both 3G and Wi-fi networks. It will then attempt to manage connections and keep you connected to the most cost effective network choice available.

This should in turn allow applications to compress data based on the type of connection detected.

The Windows 8 task manager will also provide more detailed information on how much data individual applications are consuming or have consumed for each network.

These optimizations should be very useful for wireless roaming especially if you aren’t on a plan that allows for unlimited data usage.

You can check it out here.

Some video for you.

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