New Privacy Features In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Just like the Creators Update before it, the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 brings with it notable improvements to privacy, which Microsoft has now very elaborately detailed.

As highlighted, there are a couple of different big additions here.

The first of these is during the system setup process, where users will be provided access to Microsoft’s Privacy Statement directly. They will be able to quickly navigate to different privacy settings like ads, diagnostics, location, and tailored experiences.

This transparency with its customers, the company hopes, will allow them to make informed decisions on how their data will be used.

But the more notable new addition is of permission prompts for other device features such as microphone, camera, and contacts. Up until now, Windows 10 only needed explicit approval from users for apps to use location data — this now extends to other areas too.

Quite similar to how the experience is on mobile devices these days, like the iPhone, for instance.

These changes will only be automatically applicable to new apps that are installed after the Fall Creators Update. Users will be required to manage the permissions for previously installed apps manually by going to the Settings app.

And finally, Redmond has also allowed enterprise customers to have more control over the data that they share with the company via Windows Analytics.

All these new privacy additions will officially be available for Windows 10 users with the arrival of the Fall Creators Update next month, while Insiders will be able to fully test them in the coming weeks.

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