New Rumor: Differences of opinion at MSFT re: Windows 8 dual interface strategy

This is a RUMOR – We cannot validate the truth of the story. This rumor deals with differences of opinion about the two user interfaces that will allegedly come with Windows 8. As a reminder, Windows 8 will essentially support two kinds of applications.

  1. The classic Windows application, which will run in a desktop very similar to the Windows 7 desktop.
  2. HTML5 and Javascript applications which will look more like a mobile application, filling the full screen.
Our source says that there are conflicting opinions at Microsoft regarding the way forward here. Some parties feel strongly that Windows 8 should be split into 2 separate operating systems with two separate development teams. – and that there should be no integration between the two. This way there would be two separate interfaces for two separate products. This would essentially be an Apple approach – iOS for the mobile devices and OSX for Desktops/Laptops. Another group thinks that Windows 8 should be one ultra flexible OS that allows the user to switch between interfaces. The argument (which seems to be winning) is that Windows 8 needs to do something different and that the critics, markets and developers will be happy with maximum flexibility. There apparently is also a debate about whether all versions of Windows 8 will allow dual interfaces or whether the desktop interface will be the predominant version and more expensive versions of Windows 8 (Ultimate/Enterprise etc) will allow for both. This is a RUMOR – We cannot validate the truth of the story. It’s interesting because these seem to be some very major decisions that will have an impact on whether ultimately Windows 8 will be successful. I personally agree with the 2 separate teams and products approach. I think that the stability of Windows 7 and the success of it’s interface needs to be preserved and kept separate from any tablet interface. The tablet interface looks promising but probably would be better served with it’s own separate team and separate development tools. Who knows what the right approach is. Time will ultimately tell…]]>

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