New Screenshot Shows The Redesigned Movie Moments App In Windows 8.1

Microsoft seems to be all ready and raring to roll out the Windows 8.1 (codename Windows Blue) Preview later this month, and only a week and few days remain in the debut of the preview build.

In addition to many improvements and enhancements, the new OS will also come with new Metro apps. One of them is the anticipated Movie Moments app that allows video editing right within the Modern UI of the operating system.

Little is known about this new application, however, as Microsoft chose to keep it under the wraps when it officially unveiled the details about Windows 8.1 earlier this month. The software titan was probably saving it for the BUILD developer conference.

But previous reports have suggested that Movie Moments will be a Metro based video editor that will allow users to edit their clips, add music and captions and finally share the output with friends.

We first got our look at the early version of the app a while back.

And now a new screenshot shows that the interface is now more polished and nearer to how the app may look in the final version. This is another sign that we are getting mighty near to the launch of the preview version of Windows 8.1.

The app also offers camera support — meaning users will be able to easily and effortlessly take a video and load it up in Movie Moments without even leaving the Metro UI. Should be a good one for tablet owners, this much is a given.

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