New Screenshot Shows Windows 8.1 Internet Sharing Options

Redmond already confirmed at the TechEd conference a few days back that Windows 8.1 would come with enhanced Internet tethering capabilities, with the goal of allowing users to share their broadband connections.

We have not seen it in action yet, but a new screenshot that made its way to the web just a couple of hours ago provides us with our first look at the new settings.

The image above shows the new settings displayed in the Metro Control Panel, and allows users to quickly turn Internet sharing on or off, while also providing them basic information like Network name, password along with the number of connected devices.

Speaking of which, the number of connected devices can go up to 10.

Additionally, Windows 8.1 will also monitor the bandwidth and display data usage.

It offers to different options to users in this regard — one that shows the estimated data use in the Networks list, and another that can set a specific entry as a metered connection.

However, it is worth noting that these new settings have been found in the Enterprise build of Windows 8.1, and it is not yet clear if Microsoft will bring them in the Pro version of the operating system. Here is hoping that it does.

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