New Screenshots Confirm Windows 8.1 Build 9388

Hot on the heels of Windows 8.1 build 9385 that made its way to the Internet a couple of days ago, comes the news that Microsoft partners are already testing a new version of the OS.

The latest batch of screenshots show that Windows 8.1 build 9388 has been sent to select developers for testing purposes, some of who have been kind enough to share some the latest screen grabs from the operating system.

This is an indication that Microsoft probably is releasing early builds of Windows 8.1 regularly — pretty much on a weekly basis from now on.

Owing to this quick release windows (pun always intended) of the in-development OS, there is a fair chance that any enhancements that may be implemented may be minor in nature.

No details have been provided for the build 9388 regarding any changes that have been implemented in this latest build, but expectedly it may be a bit faster, a bit more stable than previous builds of the operating system, as Microsoft is clearly looking to iron out as many bugs and errors as it can.

The public beta of the operating system is expected to arrive in June, according to insider sources.

And no, for those keeping a keen eye out for the Start button (or Start Menu) no sign of it in this build. If this iconic feature is indeed planned, it likely will be released with the public debut of the upcoming operating system at the BUILD developer conference.

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