New Screenshots Of Windows 8.1 Build 9369 Leaked

Oh boy, we are at that interesting phase again. Yes, I am talking about screenshot leaks along with regular doses of information about Window Blue. And it’s interesting as always!

The newest set of screenshots that have leaked confirm that Windows 8.1 is incoming.

Released just a few hours ago, these images, interestingly, do not make a reference to Blue (or the Windows 8.1) designations. But the build number is there indicating that this 8.1 naming choice may very well be a recent development.

The folks over at WinBeta alerted us to the images, which popped up over at The screenshots indicate that build 9369 is currently under development. This is expected to hit the market as Windows 8.1 sometimes this glorious summer.

No new feature is revealed in the images. However they confirm that Internet Explorer 11 is to be included in this upcoming upgrade to the Windows operating system. The screenshots also confirm a few other tools that were rumored last week — after an early build of Windows Blue got leaked.

The full build tag reveals that the images are from a 64-bit Microsoft partner version of Windows Blue, or (6.3.9369.0.fbl_partner_out14.130324-1300 (x64) for those who live and breathe numbers.

As always nothing on the release date, except that this upgrade to Windows is set to hit the store shelves sometimes around August, with the first public beta set for late June.

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