New Statistics Show Windows 8 Is On 3.3 Percent Of North American PCs

We regularly keep you guys updated on the market share of various versions of Windows (and well, other operating systems too, ha!). Most of them come from a lot of different entities, Net Applications being the foremost provider of such statistics.

One such entity is shopping ad network Chitika.

Latest data from Chitika Insights shows some new statistics on computers in US and Canada. The company sampled several hundreds of millions of North American ad impressions to put up these charts. And they show some very interesting figures.

The story appeared on Forbes, which showed that on computers powered by Microsoft operating systems, Windows 8 had a 3.3 percent share. Windows XP was the second most popular OS and was installed on around 25.6 percent of computers.

Windows 7, on the other hand remained the leader with a 59.6 percent share.

All other versions of Windows make up 0.1 percent of the pie chart. I wonder who is still running Windows 98 (oh, how I loved that operating system!).

Chitika compiled the Windows statistics from launch day of Windows 8 — that is October 26 to January 13. Throw in a few weeks for number crunching of this magnitude.

The idea was actually to figure out Windows 8 adaption and compare its uptake with Apple’s Mountain Lion operating system. Needless, to say the consumer users of Apple’s OS turned out to be much quicker to upgrade than Microsoft’s user base — a fair portion of which are business users.

Moral of the story? North American market share of Windows 8 stands at 3.3 percent, which is around a full percent point higher than the rest of the world.

Still, this is another perspective, from a different source. And these sources do, after all, have limits on the number of users they can, and are able to track.

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