New Surface Pro 3 Discount Cuts Price By $100, With Free Gift

here. But there is no denying that while the Pro 3 has apparently fared quite well, at least as far as mainstream perception of the device goes, the device is a powerhouse — with an appropriate high price to go with it. The top of the line configuration can be purchased in the United States for $1950. However, this new promotion that runs until January 31 is part of Microsoft’s Year-End PC Sale, and the company has cut the price of the Surface Pro 3 by $100, so all models are now a smidgeon less expensive in the US. Almost all models, that is to say. The only Surface Pro 3 variant that is not getting the discount is the Intel Core i3 model, which comes with 64GB of internal storage capacity, and continues to retail for $799. Anyway, along with this important price cut, Redmond is also throwing in a free sleeve for all buyers, no matter what model they purchase. Pretty sweet package, for a dynamo of a flagship slate, which comes with a 12-inch screen size, and houses a variety of different CPUs, ranging from the Intel Core i3 to the Core i7. Two memory options are available, 4GB and 8GB, while storage size goes up to a 512GB.]]>

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