New Surface Pro 7 ad mocks the iPad Pro

April 6, 2021
Surface Pro vs iPad Pro

Much disrespect. Microsoft has released a new Surface Pro 7 ad that takes it to the iPad Pro, mocking the Apple device, and showing how the Windows machine is better than its iPadOS counterpart.

This is not the first time that Redmond has gone after the iPad.

The short 30-seconds clip features the same teenager from the Surface Pro 7 vs MacBook ad that first hit the TV screens back in January. However, this time he is more focused on the problems you would get if you buy the Apple iPad Pro over a Surface Pro 7.

Watch the commercial first:

As you would expect, things start with a classic jab at how the iPad Air lacks an integrated kickstand, but the Surface Pro 7 has one built-in. The iPad even slams down on the table when he shows this.


But it doesn’t end here.

The teen goes on to mention that the Surface Type Cover attaches to the Surface really easily, while being a very light affair. Whereas, the iPad Cover is apparently quite heavy. The narrator also calls to attention the clicking sound that a Surface makes when you attach it.

And then, obviously, also highlighted is the fact that the Surface Pro 7 has two USB ports, while the iPad Pro only has one. And since Microsoft loves its legacy ports, the Surface still offers a USB Type-A port.

The ad closes with the power aspect of the two tablets. The teen mentions that the iPad Pro is just a tablet, but the Surface Pro 7 is a full-blown computer.

This also reflects in the price, with the Surface Pro coming in at $880 with the keyboard included, while the iPad Pro is $1,348.

Overall, this is a petty fun ad if you are a Microsoft and Surface fan, and highlights some of the current problems with the Apple machine. Of course, Apple has made some fair gains from when the Microsoft Surface first hit the scene, with the iPadOS also being now more optimized for keyboards and pens.

Interestingly enough, comments have been disabled on this new ad over at YouTube.

For obvious reasons.

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