New Surface Pro Update Released, Promising Improved SSD Performance

Microsoft has recently revised its strategy for software updates when it comes to the Surface line of tablets. While the company’s operating system and software continue on their monthly Patch Tuesday cycles, the slates are said to get continued software updates.

This in fact, is excellent for people that have purchased Microsoft devices.

After promising this, the technology titan actually went ahead and released a new unscheduled update targeting the Surface Pro, this Thursday.

A Redmond company representative shared the news in a post on the official forums saying:

“The update from 3/28/2013 includes a low level driver update to improve SSD performance during boot.”

For those keeping count, this is in actuality, the second update released for Surface Pro, since the device hit retail stores back in early February.

The first one was a scheduled update released in the middle of this month that brought with it support for the Windows To Go feature, as well as improved onscreen keyboard detection synchronization.

While this new update only improves upon one feature, it is safe to expect several more such updates to be released in the coming weeks and months that not just improved performance but also tackle some of the issues that have plagued the Surface tablets since release.

Redmond has promised fixes for both the Wi-Fi connectivity problems affecting both the Surface RT and Pro, as well as one that enables the Surface Pro stylus sensitivity in Adobe Photoshop.

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