New Survey Suggests That Windows Phone Customer Satisfaction is Higher Than Android

At the beginning of this month, we reported that Windows Phone 8’s store front had been rated the most innovative by ABI Research. ABI stated that they felt that iTunes still had the best overall implementation, but felt that amount of innovation in the way Windows Phone Store worked was quite impressive.

Continued praise seems to be heading in Microsoft’s direction for Windows Phone once again. A new survey conducted by ChangeWave made some pretty interesting assertions, including details about Windows Phone 8 customer satisfaction.

Samsung is King in North America

The survey stated that Samsung is the most popular brand in the North American phone market right now, which wasn’t too terribly surprising considering the success of handsets like the Galaxy S3. The survey also indicated that the market continues to grow and expand.

While I’m not going to go into too many details about the Samsung/Android/screen size portion of the survey, you might want to read the full article for yourself.

Windows Phone 8 Satisfaction
As for Windows Phone 8? According to ChangeWay’s survey, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has a satisfaction rating of 53%. While this isn’t amazingly high, it is higher than Android at 48%.

Right now, Apple still wins here with 71% user satisfaction, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to be too far behind. It’s also worth noting that Nokia had a satisfaction rating of 56%, while Samsung (the leader of the North American market) had a 55% rating.

Windows Phone 8 is clearly on the rise, and Nokia is a big part of it. While not everyone will agree, I truly think that Microsoft did the right thing by sticking close to Nokia and using their knowledge in the smartphone market instead of investing further in their own hardware.

While Microsoft might still eventually release a Surface phone, Nokia and other Windows Phone 8 partners are actually doing rather good by themselves at this point– at least in my opinion. What do you think of Windows Phone 8? Do we still need a “Surface Phone” in order to truly catapult the mobile OS to mainstream levels of success?

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