New Tool Allows Windows RT Users to Add Sites to Their IE Flash White-List

When it comes to the Surface RT, or any Windows RT device for that matter, there is Flash support in the Start UI browser but it is limited to what is on Microsoft’s authorized list.

While having some Flash support is better than none, having this white-list blocking out certain Flash sites is more than a little annoying. The good news is that the white-list can actually be added to, though up until now it required at least a little bit of tech-savvy skills to get the job done.

This is no longer the case, thanks to a new tool created by DroidKid. The tool works pretty simply, with users simply following on-screen commands to add new sites to the list. According to Neowin, the process takes about 2 minutes or so. While the tool might not be for everyone, it could still be more than valuable for users that need to access a flash-based site that isn’t on Microsoft’s list.

Has anyone tried this out yet, if so, what do you think of the tool– did it work correctly for you?

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