New Update Makes Remix 3D Better Than Ever

Microsoft finally got around to adding a couple of much needed features to its Remix 3D website, a place where the company allows creators to share their 3D creation.

Part of the company’s noble goal it outlined at the launch of the Creators Update refresh for it operating system. That being to bring 3D to everyone, everywhere — Windows 10 to Office, and everything else in between.

So anyway, this website is here as source for 3D models that are made available for public consumption and sharing, designed as a companion of sorts to the new Paint 3D app.

Today, the software titan has launched some new features for Remix 3D, the details of which it highlighted in its weekly show:

Basically, users can now see the breakdown of the parts that are used to create 3D models. And not just that, once the models are created and shared, the creators will also have the ability to see how their projects are used in other creations.

This second one is a welcome addition, as up until now creators could simply borrow, build off, or even claim content from other designs that were not their own.

Now, users are not only able to give credit for what they use, but also have a chance to learn the details of the various 3D models the website houses.

If you’re yet to visit Remix 3D, now is as good a time as any to do so.

Just point your browsers to this link.

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