New Update To Nokia Chat App Brings Faster Startup And Offline Mode

Nokia has updated a number of its apps with feature improvements, but one app has escaped the spotlight for some time now. But if you are a regular user of Nokia Chat, then prepared to be delighted.

The Finnish company has just rolled out a new version of the messaging application that is powered by Yahoo! — and yes, the app is still in beta, meaning it is not yet available on the Windows Phone Store. But this beta build of Nokia Chat has been update to version 1.3.

Two of the most notable improvements are support for offline mode and faster startup. In fact, as Nokia states, the app now loads up much faster:

“When you start Nokia Chat from a pinned tile or the app list, you’ll immediately see your contacts list and have access to past messages, while we simultaneously update both in the background after a network connection has been established. Previously, you had to wait for these updates to complete before being able to use Chat.”

Not just this — the new version of Nokia Chat is now more stable and responsive. Contacts list and conversation threads load faster and offer smoother scrolling.

The next important feature is the introduction of offline support, and it works as you would expect.

In this mode, you will be able to read past messages and view a cached copy of your contacts lists. You will just have to tap the connect button when your handset is connected to a WiFi network or has cellular connectivity and message sending and receiving will be enabled again.

Nokia Chat for Windows Phone 8 is in beta, as mentioned above, but is available in a number of countries where the service is enabled. You can download it from the Beta Labs page here.

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