New Update To Twitter For Windows 8 Brings Multiple Account Support

After smashing (or hitting, for the less enthusiastic among you) the important milestone of hundred thousand apps on the Windows Store, Microsoft seems to be keeping an even closer eye on its apps repository.

Several circles have cited the limited choice of apps as one of the main reasons of the slow takeoff of Windows 8 up till now. Luckily, this is a fact that Redmond is already aware of.

The technology titan put the focus squarely on apps in this year’s BUILD developer conference, and talked about a number of key apps that are about to make an appearance on the platform around the time Windows 8.1 is released.

At the same time, the company keeps highlighting new and notable apps on the Windows Store, and any updates they receive. And there are few more new and notable than the official Twitter client.

While there are several (free and paid) third party Metro Twitter apps available on the Windows Store, the official one has become one of the most downloaded apps over there. While the initial release was low on features, the social network promised regular updates for the app.

It has been several months since it was first released, but now the app has received a significant update.

And Microsoft has been quick to announce it in a blog post. The Windows Experience blog states that this new version of the app finally allows users to sign into the app with multiple accounts:

“To add a new account, just swipe from the top or bottom (or right-click) to bring up the app commands and click the people icon that will be at the top right. You will then see the “plus” button at the top right allowing you to add additional accounts. You will also see “x” buttons appear next to already added accounts letting you quickly delete the accounts you don’t want.”

This new update to Twitter for Windows 8 also brings list support. Users now have the ability to go to either their own Twitter profile or the profile of another user and view lists.

And as you would expect, the app also allows users to pin lists to the Start screen, along with any other Twitter user profile. This will be great news for Twitter power users that want a better way to keep tabs on the lists and profiles they track the most.

The latest version of Twitter for Windows 8 can be downloaded from the Windows Store for free.

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