New Window 10 test build adds new set-up customization options

Customize Windows 10

On October 7, Microsoft will be rolling out a new Windows 10 Dev Channel test build, No. 20231.

The new build includes a new Windows setup page option, as well as new management options for app default file associations, along with the usual set of fixes and updates.

A subset of Insiders in the Dev Channel are immediately getting the new out-of-box-experience set-up page option. That page — which has a skip button — allows users to select various ways they plan to use their devices so that Microsoft can offer suggestions for tools and services relevant to their needs.

Among the customization options are gaming, family, creativity, schoolwork, entertainment and business.

Test build 20231 also enables enterprise users to modify file association on a per-user or per-device basis. This change will apply to both existing and new user deployments so that admins can set which apps open automatically various file types or links.

As of today’s build, Microsoft also is making the new Meet Now Skype button available in the Windows 10 Taskbar available to all Dev Channel Insider testers.

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