New Window 11 update lets you upgrade right at startup

July 22, 2022

Never thought a C release could be this interesting, yet here we are! Microsoft has today released non-security updates for Windows 11 as KB5015882, which brings along a bunch of new additions.

You have recently added features like improvements to IOPS performance, fix for a File Explorer bug, but also lots more changes. Including a big one in the form of a new option that lets you update Windows 11 at startup.

Microsoft erroneously lists this July 21 optional update as contain build 22000.829 in its support article, but in reality, it actually contains build 22000.832.

The major highlights of this new arrival are as follows.

You now have the option to receive urgent notifications when focus assist is on. This do not disturb mode hides notifications, but important ones will still make their way through after you turn on this new option.

Also now is the option to update to a newer version of the Windows 11 operating system at the very first startup, provided your device is eligible.

If you choose to upgrade to a newer version during the out-of-the-box experience (OOBE) when you first sign-in, the update process will begin shortly after the update is installed on your device.

The update also addressed a number of issues, including one that causes File Explorer to stop working when you use the play and pause keyboard buttons on certain devices, and another where it stops working when you use the context menu of the Start Menu while connecting to an external monitor.

Microsoft has also taken care of a display issue where a blank window is displayed that you cannot close when you hover over the search icon on the taskbar, as well as an issue that prevents certain troubleshooting tools from opening.

You can check out the full list of changes here.

The update is available through Settings, but you also have the option of manually downloading it via the Microsoft Update Catalog website by pointing your web browser to this link.

Additionally, Redmond has also released updates for Windows 10 version 1809, Windows Server 2019 and more with KB5015880.

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