New Windows 10 20H2 Build Lands In Release Preview

September 23, 2020
Windows 10 Wallpaper Light

The anticipation for Windows 10 20H2 begins to grow, as Microsoft has just released an updated build for Insider testing on the Beta and Release Preview channels.

This new version bumps the build number up to 19042.541 from 19042.508.

As expected during this point in development, there are not any new features in this build, but it does include a ton of fixes that enhance the experience. In fact, Microsoft lists a whole metric ton of them on the announcement post that you can view above.

Prime among them are fixes for when the WSL fails to start, a notification to Internet Explorer 11 to inform users about the looming end of support for Adobe Flash in December 2020.

Also fixed, is an issue that causes games that use spatial audio to stop working.

On the topic of multimedia, a bunch of improvements in Windows Mixed Reality head mounted displays are also in, including reduced distortions and aberrations. Microsoft has also refreshed the minimum specification requirements for the mixed reality platform, with a 90Hz default.

And this is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

For the full details of all that has changed, hit up the link above.

While Windows 10 20H2 release is a minor update, it does bring along a lot of improvements to the operating system, alongside a few small features like giving the Start Menu a facelift by making transparent tiles, among other things.

It is on track to make its way out later this year.

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