New Windows 10 Cumulative Updates Incoming

Microsoft is all set to release new Windows 10 cumulative updates as part of the Patch Tuesday update cycle, with the rollout all set to start in a few hours from now.

As is usually the case, these updates are specifically focused on fixing security issues with the operating system. And the software titan recommends deploying these releases soon after they are made available for a particular version of the OS.

Redmond has been following this cumulative approach that has the company pack in all the previously released patches into a single installer, thereby making it easier for everyone to update their computers.

This has meant that these updates have been growing in size almost exponentially.

To combat this, the software titan has also been shipping delta updates recently. These are basically the lightweight versions of each patch, and only include the changes made for a version of Windows since the previous update.

Expect both types of updates to be made available to users later today.

Obviously, with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update now officially a thing, Microsoft has a new version of the OS to cater too. The original RTM version of Windows 10 is no longer getting updates for consumers, while there are three other flavors of the operating system that are.

Namely, the November Update (version 1511), Anniversary Update (version 1607), and the Creators Update (version 1703), are all in one the act.

Hopefully, users don’t encounter any issues when installing these updates once they go live. The last few months have seen fairly stable releases, for the most part, but one can’t be too sure of these patches, what with the wide array of hardware and software combinations they cater to.

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