New Windows 8.1 Build 9418 Screenshot Shows The Settings Transfer Feature

Oh, what would we do without a regular dose of Windows 8.1 screenshots? The latest one to mark its arrival reveals an interesting new feature that Microsoft is working on.

Speaking of which, the software titan did actually disclose a whole bunch of features and enhancements it had lined up for its upcoming operating system. But this much is clear — the company is secretly working on a few additional ones as well.

A new image that just hit the web is allegedly said to come from Windows 8.1 build 9418, and gives us our first look at the new settings transfer option that looks likely to be bundled into the final version.

As can be seen form the image, this new feature basically allows users to transfers the settings of their Windows 8.1 device to another computer that is running this operating system, just by using their SkyDrive account.

The OS saves all the important settings in a SkyDrive account and then imports them back into a new Windows 8.1 computer using this particular option.

Now that this is out, there is a fair chance we will have more details on this new feature at the BUILD developer conference set to take place later this month. Microsoft is set to unveil the public preview of this next Windows release on June 26.

All in all, this looks like a pretty helpful option for most people that are using Windows 8.1 on multiple computer and devices. And it brings the popular SkyDrive service right in the spotlight. What are your thoughts on this interesting new addition to Windows? The comment box below is open for business.

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