New Windows 8 Ad Shows Off The Versatility Of The Operating System

If there is one thing that is going really strong when it comes to Windows 8 is marketing. Microsoft has really got the hang of creating engaging ads it seems, and about time I say.

Ever since its October debut last year, Windows 8 has had several campaigns running on the web, television, print and even signage marketing at all the important places. It is hard to deny that Microsoft has spared no expense when it comes to promoting its latest operating system.

And better yet, to keep the momentum going the company regularly releases Windows 8 advertisements. The latest one here shows off the versatility and many form factors of the latest operating system — of should I say platform.

Here, take a look at it yourself:

Microsoft is clearly (and very rightly) positioning Windows 8 as a versatile and adaptable operating system in these ads, showcasing that the platform is great not just for the good old PC but tablets and mobile devices as well.

The above video is full of clever transitions, and shows off a bunch of different devices being powered by Windows 8. Redmond clearly wants us to believe this is the way forward.

And besides, another thing the ad shows is that people at Microsoft really dig the game Fruit Ninja.

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