New Windows 8 Apps: Box, tons of news apps and more

New Box App The first of these is a new cloud storage app for the Box service. The Box app will allow you to store up to 25GB free if you own a new HP Windows 8 PC, 50GB if you get a Samsung ATIV Tab or considerably less for free if you just sign up for a basic user account. Box does a pretty good job of integrating into the modern UI with its live tile for viewing updates to any file stored, there is also features like pinch-to-zoom present in the app. As someone who has used several different cloud storage platforms for work-related purposes, I personally tend to favor SkyDrive or DropBox over Box. Again everyone is different and some people have different needs, that is why it is great to see that Microsoft isn’t forcing us into using only SkyDrive with the new UI.

Tons of News Apps

You certainly don’t have to worry about not keeping up with the news. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Fox News and Fox Business all put up their apps in the Windows Store in preparation for Windows 8. While all of these apps are free, some of them have extra features for those that are already subscribers to these publications.

ABC Video apps

ABC not only released a news app, they also have two video apps. One is for ABC family and provides information as well as video. The second is the ABC player app which has full streaming episodes of various shows featured on the network. Windows 8 doesn’t have 500,000+ apps, but it is also less than 24 hours old now. Give it time, it’s clear that Microsoft is dedicated to getting new apps to the Store and the number is likely to grow dramatically in the coming weeks and months. Any of these new apps appeal to you? [ source ]]]>

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