New Windows 8 Release Date Rumor: Possible Summer 2012 Release?

We just got wind of a rumor from a somewhat reliable source about the Windows 8 release date.

The gist of it is that Microsoft are internally considering releasing Windows 8 to the public much sooner than the October date that is being bandied around on blogs.

The rumor is that based on the current pace of development (ahead of schedule), they feel that a June or July 2012 release date is possible. Also, there have allegedly been discussions about getting the final OS released to the public before a possible third iteration of the popular Apple Ipad hits the market.

In addition, the software company is rumored to be receiving a LOT of pressure from hardware vendors to expedite the release the OS as soon as possible.

We haven’t been able to┬ásubstantiate┬áthis rumor but our source is somewhat reliable.

I personally would be surprised if Microsoft wait until October to release Windows 8. 9 months seems like an eternity in this business even though I fully understand that this would be somewhat consistent with previous releases.

Stay tuned for more..

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