New Windows 8 rumour – Security updates and licensing from the cloud

Ok folks, yet another wild rumour about Windows 8.

I got a note from a source called Tim and the new rumour about Windows 8 is as follows

If everything goes as expected, Windows 8 will synchronize a couple of kernel files directly from Microsoft cloud servers, not only preventing piracy (at least temporary) but also allowing instant system updates for some of the components (no reboot required).

Now, if your connection dies, it will use a backup kernel file that is stored in your actual computer so essentially, Internet is not required.

However, when you run Windows 8 for the very first time, it will try to establish a connection to Microsoft servers and download the most recent files.

Now while I have no reason to believe that this is anything but PURE speculation at this point, he does bring up 2 good points which I will write about soon.

  1. Using the cloud to apply system updates
  2. Using the cloud to validate an OS license.

Stay tuned folks…

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