New Windows Blue Video from the Verge

Windows Blue seems to have brought some serious improvements to the UI side of Windows 8.

The improvements touch some of the following areas:

  • Smaller Live Tiles and the company is changing the way you arrange them on the Start Screen
  • The ability to pick from a number of shades in the sidebar of the Start Screen
  • New Snap Views allow you to snap apps side-by-side using 50 percent each
  • On high resolutions you can also snap up to four applications alongside each other
  • Networking lets you switch connections on quickly
  • There’s also now a quick way to add VPN settings

What’s most interesting is that Microsoft seem to be going full hog forward with the metro interface. There are no indications that Microsoft will be rethinking this controversial user interface any time soon.

The Verge have put together a video that describes some of these changes, you can see it below..

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