New Windows Boss Confirms Start Menu Is Not Coming Back

MIT Technology Review, the head of the Windows division over at Microsoft said that the Start Screen is the perfect dashboard for users to quickly and easily access their most needed content on their computers:

“With Windows 8, all the different things that you might want to do are there at a glance with the Live Tiles. Instead of having to find many little rocks to look underneath, you see a kind of dashboard of everything that’s going on and everything you care about all at once. It puts you closer to what you’re trying to get done”.
That’s that, it seems. This statement is in line with her predecessor (Steven Sinofsky) and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who both believe it is just a matter of time until everyone gets used to the Start Screen. Those who can’t or don’t want to can always download a variety of replacement utilities that add a start menu to Windows 8. Software, both free and paid, like Start8, StartMenuPlus8 and Win8StartButton. They may not be the official thing — but they get the job done, and then some.]]>

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