New Windows Phone 8 Integration details

Pocketnow has come out with some exclusive details about Windows Phone 8 – the next version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone Operating System.


Windows Phone 8 or Apollo is rumored to be adding support for multiple processors, more screen resolutions (rumored 4) and removable MicroSD storage capabilities. In addition, Microsoft is reported to be racing to include NFC functionality and tap to share capabilities.


This is the main selling point here.
  • The kernel, networking stacks, security, and multimedia  areas will see heavy overlap with the Windows 8 client. This should allow developers to resuse substantial amounts of their code.
  • Microsoft is reportedly scrapping Zune integration (obviously).
  • There will be extended integration with not just the Xbox but with the Windows 8 client and Skydrive.
Some other choice quotes:
One of the main highlights of the overview was a feature called DataSmart, which aims to reduce, and simplify the tracking of, data usage. Besides providing a breakdown of data consumption, as other platforms already do, Windows Phone 8 will actively attempt to give Wi-Fi connections precedence, going so far as to automatically connect to carrier-owned WLANs when in range. To that end, the Local Scout feature of Bing Maps will enable the real-time location of nearby hotspots. Data usage will also be made glanceable thanks to a live tile. Perhaps most interesting is Windows Phone 8’s planned use of a proxy server to feed pages to InternetExplorer 10. Like Opera Mini and the Skyfire of old, this service uses server-side compression to reduce the amount of data required to view websites — in this case, by a claimed 30%.

Enterprise Integration

Microsoft will be pushing security to the enterprise with native 128 bit Bitlocker encryption. It’s safe to say that Windows Phone Mango was a temporary fix for the Windows Phone line while Microsoft will really work hard to make their case with Windows Phone 8. The idea for 2012 is clearly making Windows 8 a unified platform with Windows Phone integrated with the Windows 8 Client, Windows Server 8 and Windows 8 Tablets. 2012 will be fun – stay tuned.]]>

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