New Windows RT 8.1 preview video from WinBeta

Windows RT 8.1 leaked a little while ago and the folks from Winbeta did a rough test drive.

Some of their observations:

Changes between RT 8.1 and 8.1 on desktop, remain small, but changes are there.

For example, the desktop app is no longer pinned to the Start Screen by default. This move doesn’t suprise us, as most desktop funtions are now available via a Modern UI alternative. It’s also a sign that Windows RT might not have the desktop much longer, with Office coming to the Modern UI soon, why would there be a need?

We’ll be honest, this leak wasn’t the friendliest. Us installing Windows RT 8.1 onto our Surface had us on edge, and in a matter of fact it went wrong the first time, rendering our Surface unbootable, even from USB.

You can see the video above.

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