New Workaround Brings Blue Apps To Windows 8

The word workaround is not used lightly here, considering all the real work. But for those of you that like to tinker their way to glory, can try and bring Windows Blue apps to their Windows 8 installation.

As they say, what’s worth a prize is always worth a fight.

New versions of Windows almost always upgrade the core applications (Paint, Calculator and more) making them better — or worse, depending on who is doing the talking.

And nowhere is this truer than Windows Blue. Microsoft has really taken up the task of giving the core Windows apps a shiny new coat of paint. The upcoming upgrade is said to bring polished versions of many applications along with new audio and productivity apps like Sound Recorder and Alarm.

Since Windows Blue is still a few leagues away from release, getting these apps was a tall order.

Until now, that is.

A user that goes by the name of FaiKee at MyDigitalLife forums has found a way to get these Windows Blue apps running on Windows 8.

Porting them over to Microsoft’s current operating system, as said above, is no easy task. For starters you will need Windows 8 Pro to accomplish this. The next order of business is to download the apps lifted straight out of Windows Blue.

Once that’s done, you will need to load up a Chinese program and request a one-month Microsoft Developer License and then import the certificate.

Yup, sounds straight out of a James Bond movie.

But the end result is that once you accomplish all the steps listed above, you can get Windows Blue apps like Alarm and Calendar running on Windows 8.

Details on how FaiKee managed to port these apps to Windows 8 remain under the wraps, but then again, something like this is not entirely out of the ordinary. Technology enthusiasts have previously managed to run the (impressive) Windows 7 Calculator application on older versions like XP and Vista.

So then, care for a little adventuring? Or will you wait for Windows Blue and then take a look at what Microsoft has cooked up for these applications? Do comment below.

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