New Zealand Developers Helped With Windows XP and IE Security Flaws

Microsoft most recent Patch Tuesday update patched almost all Internet Explorer versions last week as part of its monthly update cycle, but a Kiwi security firm says it helped fix two vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 8 and Windows XP.

A report on states that both security flaws had the potential to allow attackers to gain full control over vulnerable systems, and the information provided by (a division of Dimension Data) helped Microsoft nail the faults:

“Dimension Data has no reason to believe that anyone has fallen victim to an attack. Microsoft is thorough in its response when vulnerabilities are brought to its attention. We are pleased to see that this issue has been addressed and we strongly recommend users apply the patch made available through the Windows Update website.”

Redmond fixed both loopholes in this month’s Patch Tuesday using the integrated Windows Update feature, but according to the security engineers behind the report claim that luckily no one was attacked.

The classic operating system has been in the eyes of cybercriminals ever since release, particularly as newer versions of the Windows had inherently better security built in.

Windows XP still commands a pretty strong market share, particularly in the business and enterprise sector, and Microsoft remains committed to provide security updates for the 11-year-old operating system up until April 2014.

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