News about Windows 9 starts to surface (pun intended)

Windows 8 development is done, it seems like Microsoft may be turning their attention to Windows 9. My buddy Stephen Chapman turned up some very interesting news on his site MSFTkitchen. The quote:

Yes, it appears the code name for the next version of Windows is, indeed, Windows 9. And my source for this indubitable goodness? Just a handful Microsoft employees, is all. First, a release manager mentions Windows 9 in his LinkedIn profile. Notice its mention alongside Windows 8, thus lending more weight to the reference implying the version of Windows following Windows 8: [caption id="attachment_43" align="alignnone" width="548"]windows-9-release-manager windows 9 release manager[/caption]
He has more news about Windows 9 but it’s good to see mr. Chapman back in the saddle.]]>

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