More news leaks out about Windows Core OS

Windows Core OS

Microsoft has been working on a secret project that goes by the name Windows Core OS.

While Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the project, multiple references to the project have appeared in official documents and LinkedIn job posts last year.

Well, today, there was an interesting catch from the good folks at Windows Latest.

It’s a link to a LinkedIn Profile of a Microsoft employee.

Core OS profile

The interesting thing about the profile is the way Windows Core OS is defined and described.

On the team building Windows Core OS: the foundation for future iterations of Windows 10, Windows Mixed Reality (HoloLens), and Xbox system software.

Managed a multiple-team effort to develop an innovative filesystem technology that will enable instances of Windows running in the Azure cloud to be 20x more resource-efficient.

Currently working on Windows 10X, the operating system for dual-screen PCs like the Surface Neo – available holiday 2020.

This seems to indicate that the new Operating System will be an attempt to consolidate most of Microsoft’s Operating Systems to a common core.

Stay tuned for more..

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