Newsflash – Acer isn't going anywhere – they'll develop Windows RT devices – shocking!

declared war on the OEM’s and Acer are clearly feeling very frustrated about the issue. It’s an awful position to be in. They realize that they are trapped between a rock and a very hard place. Nowhere to go, nothing else they can sell. We’re still waiting for Microsoft to offer guidance on what the price for the Surface will be and based on that pricing, a lot of things will change in the PC industry. If priced too aggressively, Surface (and Windows RT) may become a Microsoft only play. Yes other companies like Lenovo may dabble for a little bit before they quietly shut down their RT operations but clearly only Microsoft is in a position where it makes sense to use their hardware as a loss leader. It makes sense for no other vendor. JT, I feel your pain but for now, put up or… Source]]>

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