Next Generation Microsoft OS Coming Along Well

We’ve not heard much in terms of official details, but Microsoft is supposed to be working on a next generation operating system, which apparently is shaping up nicely.

This new OS will be focused on biometric security, according to some new details from partners.

Synaptics and AMD are two of the biggest names working with Redmond on this new platform, and they have provided some insights into this new joint project.

Apparently, the companies want to bring about a new industry benchmark in highly secure biometric fingerprint authentication for all notebook PC users, enterprise, commercial and consumer. These laptops will be based on next generation AMD Ryzen Mobile platform

Which will, obviously, work with Microsoft’s next generation operating system.

Too much next generation stuff for me here, but it appears that Redmond is looking beyond Intel here, for this new platform. This press release, meanwhile, leaves us with more questions than answers, but we do know that Microsoft is working with a number of partners on this project.

Anyway, all will be clear when we get some official nuggets.

There has been previous talk of a new, lightweight and modern version of Windows 10, known right now simply as Windows Core OS. It is expected to have a modular approach and will adapt to all kinds of devices.

Codenamed Polaris, this flavor of Windows is expected to run on more traditional PCs, while there will also be other variants for other types of devices, like the upcoming Surface Hub.

As for when we will find out more about this venture, Microsoft’s upcoming partner conference, Inspire, is as good a bet as any. It is set to take place from July 15-18.

And this press released from Synaptics may well have some connection to that event.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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