Next HoloLens To Double The Field Of View

Or rather, it will come with double the field of view of the premiere model. In other words, the FOV will go from 35° in this generation models to 70° in the second generation.

Still a far cry from the 110° minimum most people believe consumer headsets should have.

But a notable improvement nevertheless.

This has been revealed in a patent filed in December 2016, but published last week, describing the use of a MEMS laser scanner to expand the FOV without increasing the range over which the mirror of the scanner oscillates.

You can take a look at more details in this PDF file here.

This flowchart also illustrates it aptly:

Patent HoloLens FOV

Of course, this exciting new development goes a long way of solving one of the biggest problems with the current version of HoloLens — this side of its high price, that is.

Many considered this limited FOV far too narrow for an immersive augmented reality experience.

One can hope that these improvements come alongside a much lower asking price for the next iteration of HoloLens, so that the product can find some solid footing in the both the consumer and enterprise space as Microsoft hopes.

The technology giant seems confident enough and is currently busy with the development of a shiny new version.

Latest intelligence suggests that the company has nixed version 2 of HoloLens, jumping straight to version 3 in the hopes of improving user experience. In other words, Redmond is taking its time to make sure that it can bring to market as best a device as it can.

More, as we hear.

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