Next Windows 10 Update Could Also Be A Tiny Affair

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Tiny is not the word you associate with Windows all too often, but Microsoft seems to have a thing for minor updates for Windows 10 lately. Makes sense, as the company is deep into development of a new flavor of the OS.

One that goes by as Windows 10X.

As per this silent shift to this new approach, Microsoft now ships two different feature updates for Windows 10 every year. The first of this is a notably more substantial release in spring, while the fall pack of improvements is a smaller update that reminds of a service pack.

This happened last year, it happened this year, and by the looks of things, will happen again next year.

However, beginning in 2021, Redmond might change things up.

As noted, the software titan might actually publish the minor update in the spring, and reserve the bigger update towards the end of the year. The company already does not match features that are in development to a specific branch.

And this is simply the next step in the evolution of this strategy.

The reason for this change is likely the arrival of Windows 10X, the debut of which is expected to happen in the spring of 2021. Major updates for this new version of the OS are expected to go live in the spring of each year.

With this change, Microsoft will be able to sync these updates with minor revisions for the desktop version of Windows 10.

The fall major update for the OS would thus receive more focus from the company. And this is a move that also makes more sense for companies, as they will now be able to receive longer support than the spring release.


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