Next Windows Release Said to Improve Start UI, Won’t Bring Back Start Menu

Windows 8 sales continue to be slow, and many users continue to push the idea that the start menu needs to return. It’s not going to happen. There are several reasons, but the biggest reason is that Microsoft is riding on the new UI’s ability to give them a piece of the mobile pie. They aren’t backing down.

That said, rumors suggest that there isn’t going to be a start menu in the next version of Windows, but we can expect an improved start UI experience that makes navigation much easier. Now, I hesitate to call this rumored version “Windows 9”. Why? Because “Blue” is said to arrive sometime towards the year’s end and so is more than likely Windows 8.1 if it is true.

Yes, we talk about Windows Blue a lot around here. For good reason, as it seems to be the only real news about Windows development beyond Windows 8 that we know of so far.

Okay, back to the rumor. It seems that a Taiwanese forum user claims he is running Windows alpha build 9622. The user refers to it as Windows 9, but again, there is no official reason for us to believe that Windows Blue is the next MAJOR upgrade to Windows. Instead, it is more likely a service pack.

The user claims build 9622 has a much improved start menu experience, which should resolve some of the big complaints that users are having with Windows 8 so far.
Should we believe any of this? I’d be cautious, but it is certainly possible. Windows 8.1 isn’t a bad thing. Windows 8 is a good OS, but I admit that switching between desktop and Metro still feels a bit like dual-booting.

There needs to be further improvements that make the two Uis feel like they belong together, and if Microsoft needs to release 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and beyond to get there– so be it.

Honestly, no one should be that surprised if Windows 8.1 does come this year. Why? Honestly, if Microsoft waits until the full Windows 9 to make any major changes to its tablet OS, they will be percieved as behind when compared to iOS and Android. Both of these operating systems get a new version at least every year.

Do you like what you’ve seen with Windows 8? If not, what do you think needs to be fixed with Windows 8.x or Windows 9 in order for Microsoft to win you over to the new UI?

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