Nielsen Nets A Strategic Alliance With Microsoft


Nielsen and Microsoft have released details around Nielsen Connect, powered by Microsoft Azure. This is a newly developed enterprise solution that democratizes one of the largest consumer data sets in the world.

Essentially, bringing personalized data close to reality for the CPG industry.

The initiative brings Nielsen and third-party data on CPG industry sales, pricing, media buying and other things in one place on the Azure cloud platform for the first time. This was information that was previously scattered around on physical datacenters or mainframe computers.

The new tool also uses data science and machine learning algorithms to curate and aggregate the data.

These advanced analytics and AI services are built on Azure, and allows Nielsen Connect to help companies integrate data assets to more easily spot emerging trends, diagnose performance gaps and act faster on opportunities to grow.

More notably, these clients can use their data as an enterprise asset across all parts of their organizations.

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John Tavolieri, President, US FMCG and Retail and Chief Technology and Operations Officer at Nielsen:

“Nielsen’s powerful data is as much of an enterprise asset as people and products. It’s our priority to make sure clients are maximizing their data assets, so Nielsen and Microsoft are breaking down the silos of the status quo. We are helping the retail industry reimagine its approach to data by creating a truly open and global environment of collaboration, encouraging companies to evolve beyond mere data management. Adopting a holistic data strategy will be the only way to win in FMCG and retail.”

This new alliance is focused on helping Fast Moving Consumer Goods and retail companies find growth and accelerate within an open idea environment.

The joint Microsoft and Nielsen solution is live today.

And retailers and brands can now use this solution to not only respond to but also forecast demands and trends much faster than they were able to before.

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