No Live Tiles In Windows Lite?

Boy, Windows Lite sure is turning out to be an interesting little beast! The latest intelligence on this upcoming new version of the OS hints that live tiles are getting the ax.

As in, Microsoft is removing the live tiles from the Start Menu in Windows Lite.

Instead, turning it into more of a Windows 7 style.

Or in this case, more like iOS, Android, and Chrome OS — the three operating platforms that the company is targeting with this lighter, stripped down flavor of Windows 10. Chrome OS, in particular, but a simpler user interface is also part of the two dominant mobile operating systems.

Rumor that Redmond is working on a simplified Start Menu comes from this analysis of live tiles, which reveals that the Start Menu in this operating system would only use icons.

Apparently, data that Microsoft gathered showed that few people launched the Start Menu to check out the live tiles

Now, you may say that this is the result of live tiles themselves not being adopted by app and game developers, with many of the apps available in the Windows Store not coming with this functionality, and those that did only did so on a basic level.

Perhaps Microsoft would have done well to make live tiles mandatory for apps, but that ship has now clearly sailed.

Even though live tiles were warmly received by users, their usage never really took off due to low adoption by app developers, and even Microsoft for the bundled Windows 10 applications.

The bigger question remains, whether a move towards a static Start Menu for Windows Lite could be the beginning of the end for them in Windows 10, too? Because, it really looks like that they are not in the long-term plans for the software titan.

Do you find yourself regularly using live tiles in Windows 10? Or is it a feature that you have never really cared about in the operating system?

Comment down below and let us know your thoughts!

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