No More Known Issues In The Release Notes For Insider Builds

Drastic step, but one that was, perhaps, coming all along. Microsoft has made the decision to no longer list general known issues in the changelogs that it releases for Insider preview builds.

No wonder, then, that the last build we got did not list even a single known issue in the release notes.

Which some took as a sign that development was coming along so well that Microsoft did not encounter any notable problems. But the real story is that the Windows development team has made a decision not to list these general known issues in their update blog post.

Brandon LeBlanc talked about this controversial little bit of housekeeping:

The reason for this is that the builds are now starting to release at a much quicker pace than before, and as Microsoft will be updating them so often, it feels that it does not make sense to put every little thing down to paper.

That said, the company will still continue to list big issues, if they are spotted:

Of course, hard to classify what type of bugs are considered high impact, and how large a fraction is a large portion of Insiders. But at least, we do know that if there is something major, the company will notify users of it.

However, if you enjoyed scanning the release notes for any impactable issues while you deployed your latest preview builds, then you may end up being a little disappointed with this decision.

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