No New Windows 10 Build This Week Again

What a month! Things have pretty much slowed down to a halt, as far as new Windows 10 preview builds for Insiders are concerned. We officially have the second straight week without any action.

This past week was the same.

Dona Sarkar was teasing for a build release on Friday, but we now have confirmation that there will be no new builds this week as well. The reason being that the team needs more time for internal testing.


Of course, if you have been following the Windows Insider Program for any considerable length of time, you likely know that there are long stretches where Redmond does not release new preview versions.

And the reason, almost always, is breaks.

Of both kinds.

Sometimes, it is the Windows development team taking time off due to holidays, but more commonly, it is when things fail due to bugs. This time around there have been multiple issues that prevented the build candidate from being pushed out.

Starting with problems with UWP apps to a strange phenomenon that saw some users enrolled in the Skip Ahead ring from being kicked out. Both have been fixed:

However, as the status update above makes clear, the Windows Insider team will pull overtime this weekend to correct all issues with the build candidate. All signs point to some solid action next week, and good things are expected.

Including preview versions that bring out anticipated features like Windows Timeline and Sets.

Sit tight, Windows Insiders, sit tight!

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