No New Windows Build Today, As Team Works Hard

According to Brandon LeBlanc, that is. The Windows preview builds have basically screeched to a standstill, as the development team encountered a few bugs on the release candidates they selected.

We have had delays and delays, as Redmond sorts this out.

And looks like the company needs more time to get things back on track, as Bandon LeBlanc of Microsoft provided Insiders with a status update, saying that the team is working hard to get a new build out soon:

No promises here, as you can see.

But he did clarify in a subsequent tweet that the Insider team is trying, and soon in this case means this week. Thank goodness!

The news of the delays of this next preview version becomes all the more disappointing because this is the build that is supposed to include features like Window Timeline and Sets, the two highly anticipated additions to the Windows 10.

This upcoming build becomes important for this reason, and Microsoft wants to ensure the best possible experience for everyone as they try out these two new features.

Anyway, there’s hope yet for a launch later this week, hopefully in the next couple of days. Chances are that along with these two new additions, the next version will bring a handful of small new features too, for users to take for a test drive.

Bring it!

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