No Redstone 4 Build This Week As UWP Bug Runs Amok

The most anticipated Redstone 4 build in recent memory is now the most delayed Redstone 4 build in recent memory. A UWP bug has caused some severe issues with the Windows development team.

Leading them to delay the launch of this hugely awaited version of the preview.

Insiders had been looking forward to the next build, as it was promised that some new features would be onboard the next one. Features that Microsoft recently detailed like Tabs and Timeline, both of which are now developed enough to be rolled out for testing.

Speaking of testing, there is also this recent development of the software titan going in with A/B testing of these preview builds, in that not everyone will be getting access to all features.

However, users were still looking forward to testing out a new build over the weekend.

But as Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider Program revealed, a bug with UWP applications prevented the team from releasing this new build.


Certainly not the first time that a blocking bug has forced the team to delay the release of new build, but this one is real stingy as the company had already confirmed that the Timeline feature was finally ready for testing.

With the Sets addition also coming in a future build.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for a new version of the preview to make its way out the Redmond walls. Something within the next couple of days would be absolutely great. If not, a really feature packed version would be really exciting.

Next week, it is.

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