No Redstone 4 Insider Preview Builds Until Next Week

That settles it! The weekend is almost upon us, and that these days usually means new Redstone 4 preview builds for Windows Insiders to take for a spin during the break.


But not this time.

The Windows development team apparently ran into a bug in the release candidate that displayed green screens when a device was connected to power. For those out of the loop, the green screen is the new Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) for Insiders that Microsoft introduced last December.

In order to allow the company to easily distinguish between errors.

Anyway, as Dona Sarkar tweeted, there will be no new Fast ring preview build for Insiders to play with this weekend:

Bad luck, but then again, the most recent Fast ring release is only a week old. Redmond actually released a version for Insiders enrolled in the Slow ring too, yesterday. In any case, things are just starting to heat up with the development of this new version of the OS, and these hiccups are to be expected.

Insiders will just have to be patient, and be on the lookout for a new build sometimes next week.

One that hopefully comes loaded with new features.

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