Nokia "Booked" 2.5 million Lumia 920s, Actually Sold or In Vendor Hands?

rebooting issues, but overall it is a solid device with an attractive overall design that is appealing to those of us looking for something different from the typical iPhone or Android device. Still, we’ve HEARD it is doing good, but how well is “good” exactly? Not surprisingly, Nokia is keeping mum about their actual numbers right now, but it seems that a report from Yahoo China has leaked giving us a glimpse at how well the device is actually selling. Keep in mind that it is a translation and might be a little rough, but basically the report indicated that the flagship device had already exceeded 2.5 million sales. Of course it translates to “2.5 million booked”, so that could mean 2.5 million actually sold or in the hands of vendors. Considering all the hype and sale out reports going around, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it actually sold that many though. Even if not all of these units are sold yet, this is still a very positive sign. We also don’t know that whether or not this Yahoo China report is completely accurate or speculated, or what. Still, we continue to hear positive things about the Nokia Lumia 920 sales and it is clear that Nokia is breaking good ground here. The key now is to continue to push forward with great support and with the best Windows Phone 8 apps that Microsoft can get their hands on. Making a brand new ecosystem a success isn’t easy and certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Microsoft needs to lay the groundwork for a solid third party place now, before Blackberry shows up with the BB10. While I’m not sure that Blackberry is as much of a threat as it once was, there are still many loyal fans and Microsoft needs to continue to tread carefully and win more folks over to Windows Phone if they want to solidify their position in the market. Do you own a Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 handset, what do you think of it? If you own a Lumia 920, have you enjoyed your purchase or have you run into some of the problems (battery life, heat, rebooting) that others have started to complain about? [ source ]]]>

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