Nokia CEO Believes That Windows Phone Can Become The World’s Biggest OS

The thing with ambition is that it can so easily come with no limits attached. And quite often that is not too bad of a situation, as long as it is matched with the necessary effort.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is one such person that believes in this theory of going big.

In a video interview with Bloomberg during this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the head of the Finnish mobile maker was asked whether Windows Phone had a shot at becoming the second biggest operating system in the world.

Elop responded with a bold and bright reply:

“It can be the biggest operating system in the world.”

The head of Nokia, however, did say that a lot of effort was needed to turn this into reality, and his company along with Microsoft was committed for the task at hand:

“We have a lot of work to do, jointly with Microsoft, to make that happen.”

When the interviewer asked him on any specific target date that Elop expects Windows Phone to become the biggest operating system in the world, the CEO said that they had their own internal targets for this milestone, but refused to share them in public.

Recent reports do suggest that Microsoft’s mobile platform has gained some solid traction in various markets across the globe.

Redmond, along with other partners, is also very actively expanding the lineup of devices that are powered by the OS. Nevertheless, it still is a long road for Windows Phone and its quest to become the dominant operating system, as both iOS and Android enjoy towering market shares.

But if you take a look at the history of mobile platforms, things can suddenly take a turn for the worse leading up to an abandonment of an operating system.

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