Nokia Confirms October 22 Special Event, Lumia 1520 Expected

Technology rumors, unlike most other varieties, have a pretty good track record of ending up accurate. Take one of the more recent ones, for example, that Nokia had cancelled its special event that was set to take place later this month.

News came out just yesterday that the Finnish telecommunication giant had pushed back the aforementioned event to late October.

And now we have official confirmation that this is the case. The company has just announced, what it calls the “save the date” special event to October 22 — the same time frame as speculated earlier.

And while we do not have anything from Nokia to confirms where the event is set to take place, the accompanying teaser image does suggest that it may be somewhere in the Middle East — think Abu Dhabi, UAE or someplace similar.

The big questions is what exactly will the company reveal on this date.

Most expect Nokia to unveil its anticipated Lumia 1520 phablet, but it could also possible mean that the company may be bringing the Lumia 1020 to the Middle East region.

There is also speculation that the company may be ready to showcase its upcoming Windows RT tablet, which has been in the news recently. A number of Nokia devices have passed FCC certification recently, so nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

In other words, while nothing expect the event date is confirmed, more information should be heading our way soon about what is in store for us at this anticipated event.

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