Nokia DC-40 Solar Charger To Begin Testing In Nigeria and Kenya

Lumia 920 is still stunning in its own right. With developments like their new Xpress browser for Windows Phone or its great map service, Nokia shows that it has what it takes to give us good products in the software realm as well. Besides their smartphones, we’ve also seen cool innovations like wireless charging pads that come built-in to phones, again the Lumia 920 was the first ever phone to be announced with such a feature baked into the hardware. I almost have to conclude that the issue at Nokia is either: A) bad marketing OR B) bad management. Maybe both? Or is it something else entirely at fault here? Issues aside, Nokia is not only innovative, they also try to come up with practical cellular solutions in the developing world.When it comes to helping out the developing world, Nokia thinks outside the box and comes up with great solutions. This is probably why Symbian and Nokia devices are still quite popular in Africa and parts of the Middle East, Asia and South America. Now they hope to bring electricity for charging phones to places that might not have everyday access to conventional means of charging. The new solar charging accessory from Nokia is being tested in Nigeria and Kenya. The Solar Charger DC-40 is supposedly able to turn one minute of charging into two minutes of talk time. In areas where electricity is quite scarce, a cellphone can still be very important for emergencies and similar use— if they can keep it charged. The mat itself uses a thin-film photovoltaic panel and weighs just 93 grams. It also has a 3 meter cable that can connect to a standard Nokia plug. This isn’t the first time Nokia has played around with the idea of solar charging. Not only is this great for developing areas, it could have real potential in other parts of the world where “going green” is becoming quite popular.

Solar Charging in Windows Phone 8?

The Lumia 920 already has wireless charging, but what if we had the ability to cut the electric cord for good? A solar charging panel wouldn’t be conventional as a full-on replacement for wireless and wired charging, but it could have its use. Imagine your phone dies while you are out camping. No worries, you can charge it up with nothing but the sun. Power outage in your area? At least your cell phone will still allow you to make emergency calls and check on when the power will be back up and running. I’m glad this is being targeted at those who truly need it in the developing world and think this should be Nokia’s priority first and foremost. Still, down the road it could also have potential in Europe, North America, Japan and other major markets across the globe. Solar charging will never be perfect, but it has possible usage scenarios that are very real. If a Nokia Lumia came with wireless and solar charging options, would you be more inclined to consider purchasing it or not? Source]]>

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