Nokia Details Lumia 925 Availability, O2 UK To Get Exclusivity On White

Following the anticipated unveil of the premium Lumia 925 earlier today wireless carriers have started announcing their plans to add the new smartphone to their networks.

Nokia has also detailed the worldwide availability of the Lumia 925.

The shiny new smartphone is set to make its debut in various markets as early as next month, where it will be available for a period of exclusivity through a number of wireless carriers.

As far as the United States market is concerned, the handset is set to land in the country via T-Mobile. The carrier will launch it as its flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone. The 925 will launch in China on the largest network in the country, China Mobile.

The Finnish telecommunication titan also unveiled that Vodafone will be launching the device in a number of European markets — like the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain. Other carriers will, however, add it to their network very soon.

O2 UK is one of the wireless carriers, which will be getting the exclusivity on the white color of the smartphone, and it has announced that the smartphone will be available for purchase on its network on June 13, 2013. Preorders, however, will be starting on May 30.

The smartphone is said to be priced at $616 (or in the case of Europe, €469), and this obviously before taxes, subsidies and discounts.

No information is available when the phone will be available in other important markets like Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. Nokia, however, has promised an announcement in this regard very soon.

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